Our Mission

At Northwest Immigration & Criminal Defense LLP (NWICD), we provide culturally-competent and individually-focused legal services. We work to understand our clients’ cases but also their stories. Each legal issue is born of unique circumstances that deserve specialized attention.  NWICD attorneys are proud to provide this attention in English, Spanish, and Russian.

We are a public-interest-minded, private law firm. As such, it is our goal to provide legal representation to under-represented communities. We believe each person should be able to afford the help of an attorney—an attorney with whom that person can communicate directly. In pursuit of this ideal, our attorneys offer consultations in English, Spanish, and Russian, and we are open to discussing income-based payment plans. During a NWICD consultation, you will speak directly to your attorney, in your language, and your attorney will listen.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about NWICD. If you have a legal issue you would like to discuss, write us at questions@nwicd.com or call us at 503-674-7434.